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ManningBlvd WELCOME! , The Manning Boulevard Neighborhood Association welcomes you to our website. We are a beautiful and historic community in Albany, New York, between Washington and Western Avenues.

A unique feature of Manning Boulevard is our carriage paths, which were created by the city around 1898 as part of the City's park system. They were intended to retain some of the country atmosphere as the City bounderies expanded west. Today the carriage paths lend a charm to the uptown area.

Our website has several goals. First to bring needed information to residents about services and activities that are available. Also, we hope to bring a collection of historical and entertaining photographs and mementos of the community. If you have any items of interest please contact us. Finally we hope to keep everyone informed about the efforts of the Manning Boulevard Neighborhood Association and the city to restore and preserve the charm and quality of life of Manning Boulevard as we enter a new millenium

All Manning Blvd residents are invited to join the Neighborhood Association. Dues are $10 per year. Call me at 482-9131.

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